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Busch Wins, Racing Preview, and on Memory Lane

Episode 150 February 26, 2017 150 Episodes Already! I find it difficult to believe this is Episode #150. I want to thank all the folks who read, subscribe, and share the weekly UpNorth Motorsports stories. I am humbled to think that you would join with me on this journey about motorsports people, places, and things. […]

Computer Glinches 1 UpNorth Motorsports 0

Episode 198 February 5, 2017 Computer Glinches¬†1 UpNorth Motorsports 0 The lack of up-to-date computers has finally caught up with me. My MacBook died while I was in Indianapolis this week and my Dell with Vista desktop¬†will not upload photos to my blog. My plan was to fill this week’s blog with photos of my […]