Cracking Eggs in STEM Motorsports experiment

Episode 439

February 4, 2024

Egg crunching time

In episode 437, I described the STEM exercise where Caribou Tech Auto Tech students built a protective device last month.  This device would be bolted to a “Crash Kart” with the intention of protecting an egg from cracking. As with any scientific experiment, the proof is in the testing. And test day did arrive. Last Friday the combined classes of Auto Tech and Agriculture put their ideas to the ultimate test.

Designing their device to protect the egg in the front of a crash kart are agriculture students Trey Brewer and Mason Adams who make the trip from Easton daily to be part of the class. The Agriculture students built their prototypes Wednesday January 24th. (HTF Motorsports photo)

Under the watchful eye of Caribou Tech Center agriculture instructor Scott Moir, Jacob Doak left with Edison Sleeper build their prototype for future testing. (HTF Motorsports photo)

Riley Levesque shows the starting line technique used for testing the prototypes. Upon release, the total time to crash was measured as well as time through the five-foot speed trap. The speed in miles per hour was calculated and students were able to view the slow-motion replay of the crash kart hitting the wall. (HTF Motorsports photo)

Colby Bernier and Zack Pelletier from Easton got very creative with their half-round front which worked very well yet did not totally protect the passenger (egg). They get my innovative idea nod. Both were unable to be in attendance due to mid-term exams back at their home school. (HTF Motorsports photo)

Seth Roy and Chloe Lento pose with their prototype which was the only one to protect the egg from cracking. They devised a “seatbelt” for the egg. The egg finally broke on the third run. Caribou FFA member Brennan Guerrette looks on from the sidelines. (HTF Motorsports photo)


Milliseconds after impact with the steel barrier notice the egg contents flying into the air at top blue line while the bottom view shows how small the egg protection zone has become. Little hope of surviving that crash. (HTF Motorsports video clip)

From this photo you can see that the crumple zone before the egg was doing a fairly good job, however, the room for displacement was not quite enough to prevent the egg from cracking. So close to working. I suspect this team, as well as others, would do much better in a second or third round. Remember FAIL: First Attempt In Learning. (HTF Motorsports photo)

Speed data points were collected and calculated. The formula Speed = [Distance (feet)  / Time (seconds)] X conversion factor of .68 was used. Speed in the Speed Trap varied from slowest of 4.5 mph to top speed of 10.3 mph. The prior discussion about the 5 mph bumper requirements from 1974 became very real when students saw their eggs getting cracked at what seems like a slow speed.

Next episode includes exciting updates on two racers UpNorth Motorsports will be following at the national level, AJ Foyt Racing’s Sting Ray Robb and Kody Swanson

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