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Welcome to Up North Motorsports where the human side of the sport will be emphasized. In my 30 plus years of covering motorsports, I have loved to meet, share stories with and write about the men and women involved in this sport.

My goal with Up North Motorsports is to give some recognition to the often neglected racers or races which do not get recognition from the press. I will consider input from readers who have story ideas; however, not all stories can be covered by me personally.

Another goal is to let folks know about motorsports in Northern Maine which includes the fastest event in Maine, the Loring Timing Association’s “Maine Event”, Cumberland Motor Club’s largest autocross in Maine at the former SAC Air Force Base at Loring, and Spud Speedway’s 50th Anniversary. The Climb to the Clouds at Mount Washington Rally America event  will be run this year and will include a couple racers from the Bangor area.

I will be following some of the Maine men and women involved in the upper level motorsports divisions either as drivers, crewmen, or fabricators. I also want to  look at advantages and disadvantages of females breaking into motorsports.

I will not be a gossip columnist and will use due diligence to separate rumor from the truth. I would rather print nothing than print rumor, so be prepared to back up any inside information with second party verification.

And now  (drum roll), it is with great deal of pleasure that I can announce, if you have not heard yet, Fort Kent native Austin Theriault (20 years old) has put together a three race deal with Dale Earnhardt, Junior’s JR Motorsports in Mooresville, North Carolina to run in the Nationwide Series this year. Theriault will be in the #5 Camaro at Iowa Speedway May 18th, New Hampshire Motor Speedway July 12, and September 20th at Kentucky Speedway.

Theriault’s #5 Chevy will carry primary sponsorship from Dale Junior’s Spy Eyewear, the brand behind Junior’s Signature 88 collection. The upper rear quarter panel will feature Dirty Mo Radio, Dale Earnhardt Junior’s internet podcast show.

“Our company is known for putting young talent in cars and giving them a shot on one of NASCAR’s biggest stages, and that is what we are giving Austin with this three-race opportunity,” said Kelley Earnhardt Miller, general manager of JR Motorsports. “This keeps our No. 5 car on the track, and it gives Austin the chance to show what he’s got with a lot more eyeballs taking notice.”

Is this the big break Austin has been seeking? We will hear from Austin soon about his new ride and all that it entails so keep looking to Up North Motorsports for timely updates.

I want to give a shout out to Austin’s Dad and Mom, Steve and Terry Theriault who I first met when Austin raced as a youngster at Spud Speedway in Caribou. My feeling is that they are very excited with this opportunity for their son.

Tom Hale

Tom Hale

I look forward to visiting with you each and every week and will do my best to surprise you with some stories of folks involved in motorsports that will surprise and delight you. Let’s go racing. God bless.

Tom Hale

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Tom wrote 14 years as freelancer for the Bangor Daily Sports covering motorsports in Maine. Now blogging and concentrating on human interest stories about people and places in racing. He races Champ Karts and owns HTF Motorsports in remote Westmanland, Maine