Monthly Archives: September 2016

Should Wyatt Use This Photo For High School Yearbook

Episode 124 September 25, 2016 WAR Unique Senior Yearbook Picture? Maine Man on Winning  Sprint Cup Team at New Hampshire Motor Speedway Where’s Austin? Austin Theriault was at New Hampshire Motor Speedway this past weekend. Though he currently does not have a ride with a NASCAR team he continues to make his presence known at […]

Marine Comes Home To Support Marathon

Episode #123 September 18, 2016 Purple Heart Marine Runs in Hometown Marathon   You may have met Sargent Amanda Eason in Episode 82 published on November 11, 2015. She related her story about April 20, 2010 when her convoy was ambushed in Afghanistan. The armored truck she was driving took two direct IED hits with […]

We Remember 9/11

Episode 122 September 11, 2016 15 years? It Seems Like Only Yesterday Tim St. Peter one of my agriculture students came into my third period class (about 10:00 o’clock am)  saying  planes had hit the World Trade Center in New York. I thought it must have been a wayward private plane or something similar. Class […]

Loring Event Provides Spills and Thrills

Episode 121 September 4, 2016 Loring Timing Association Harvest Event 2016 Despite closing down a few hours early on Sunday when Brenda Sue Carver had an off-track incident many records were set. At last check Ms Carver is recovering from her injuries and is expected to have a full recovery. Electric Motorcycle Zaps Records After […]