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Most Popular Driver in NASCAR K and N Series From Maine

Episode 188 November 27, 2016 Theriault Second at Lucama, North Carolina Track Qualifying second in his #57 Super Late Model, Fort Kent’s Austin Theriault went on to finish second in the Accent Imaging 125 at Southern National Motorsports Park. The youngster, Christian Eckes from Middleton, New York, had the fastest time and won the race […]

You Are A Class Act Carl Edwards

Episode 177 November 20, 2016 Man-O-Man I Wanted Carl to Win When I was introduced to Carl Edwards by my friend Pastor Mick Saunders of Rushville, Indiana in 2003 I knew there was something special about this young driver. At the time he was in his first year with Roush in the ┬áSuperChip Ford F-150 […]

Motorsports Musings While Viewing the SuperMoon

Episode # 176 November 13, 2016 SuperMoon Is A Sight to See I am cognizant that in light of all that has gone on this week in politics and reactions to the results that one thing remains, there are some incredible natural phenomenon that trump human ventures. How neat it is indeed that friends all […]