Motorsports Sons and Daughters Honor Moms

Episode # 160

May 7, 2017

Austin Theriault’s Tribute To His Mom, Terry

Austin Theriault’s mom, Terry in center. Left to right, Matt Farnham, Matt Reynolds, Terry, Steve, and Austin Theriault. Oxford PASS race October 2014. HTF Motorsports photo

“My mother has always been very supportive,”said Austin. “I remember early on she would record all my races at Spud Speedway. We would watch them later that evening or later that week so I might improve as a driver.”

Theriault’s Mom and Dad often fly to the track where he is competing which he appreciates their support. He appreciates his parents and respects them both. There is nothing like a mother’s advice.

“She is always there for me to ask questions about needs or other things that come up. She helps me figure things out. I love you Mom. Happy Mothers Day.”

Daytona Groundskeeper Griffeth Wants to Honor His Mom

Left to right Robert and Lona Griffeth, Jessica Griffeth, Billi Blanchard Griffeth and her husband Joel. The Griffeth family was unveiling the photo of Jason Griffeth when he was inducted into the Caribou High School Alumni Hall of Fame in 2016. HTF Motorsports photo

Growing up on a potato farm in Woodland, Maine, Jason Griffeth understood at a very young age the joy as well as hard times that comes with farming. His reputation as a hard worker began at that farm under the tutelage of his parents.

Griffeth mentioned the vital role that his mother, Lona played shaping his life from childhood to the young man his is today.

“My Mom is self-less and extremely hard-working. While working full-time as a nurse she helped out on the farm and did what was needed to be done to keep things going,” said the Daytona International Speedway Head Groundskeeper. “She taught me a lot about hard work and doing the best I can with what I have. She has always expressed unconditional love for me. I love you Mom.”

Racer, Mom, and Team JRT Coordinator Janet Bosse

Janet Bosse and her mom Nancy Bosse at graduation ceremony 2013. Team JRT photo

Janet Bosse balances life on the go utilizing many of the skills she learned from her mom while growing up not too far from Spud Speedway in Caribou.

In her own words, ” My mother,  Nancy Bosse, resides in Caribou and enjoys sewing/quilting. I am certain she secretly hoped that we would be sewing buddies. Happy mothers Day to the woman whom has endured and supported years of racing shenanigans! ♡”

Tractor Puller “The Flying Farmer” Expresses His Love For Mom

Left to right “The Flying Farmer”Tyler Raymond and his parents Shelby and Dan Raymond . Flying Farmer Racing photo

“The Flying Farmer” Tyler Raymond, Caribou has raced, snowmobiles, karts, and now antique pulling tractors. Through all the years his mother, Shelby, has been an avid supporter not only with racing but his time in the FFA, many clubs, and Explorers. She could be seen at the racetrack holding her breath as her son raced to the checkered flag or bounced off the track in his early days.

“Thank you so much Shelby Raymond for all of your continuous love and support you give me through all of my races, tractor pulls, or even while I’m ‘Klowning around’ said Raymond. “Also for the time and effort you spend helping me chase my dreams! Thank you very much! Love you!”

HTF Motorsports Sponsor Speaks for His Mom

Williams family photo with the Matriarch Sharon front and center surrounded by grandchildren and her husband Miles (Rick) Williams. Photo courtesy the Williams family

Aroostook Limousines ACE Rental Car owner and HTF Motorsports sponsor, Darick Williams, pictured third from left in the back row of the family photo said, “Happy Mother’s Day Mom. Thank you for always being there for us and taking care of our needs. We love you!”

Speedway 660 Champion Credits His Mom

Left to right Robb, Penny and their son Ryan Messer celebrate in Victory Lane at Speedway 660. RYAN Motorsports photo

You have read about the success and sometimes failures of the Messer family from Harvey, New Brunswick in previous episodes. You may recall that Ryan earned the 2016 Sportsman title and plans to move up to the Super Late Model class in 2017.

Ryan wanted to express his Mother’s Day wishes by saying, “Mom is a huge part of our team. Whether it is feeding the crew, taking a million pictures and videos of every race, or being the voice of reason when things are going well with the car… she is the heart of our family team.”

“She often amazes us with nuggets of info or asking just the right question to make us look at our problems a little differently. And her competitive nature is often the nudge needed for us to take the extra step, spend the extra dollar or try one more time to make everything perfect and get ‘her boy’ to victory lane!!! Love you Mom!!”

Retired Racer Has Great Respect and Admiration For His Mother

Former racer Don Rideout and his mother, Debra Jean  Rideout now living in Sierra Vista, Arizona. Rideout Family Photo Collection

Don Rideout has raced stock cars, raised money for charities, been race director, and enthusiastic promoter of racing. When asked whether he would write a tribute to his mom he replied in only a matter of moments and wanted his mom to know he loves her.

He said, “My mother brought me into this world on June 7th, 1970. From that moment on she became one of the most dedicated mothers ever, and continues to be.”

“My mom sacrificed much of her young adult life to work and take care of me. Sometimes this made things in our relationship difficult. Despite that, she has always been there for me. My mother means the world to me. I can never show her enough how much I appreciate everything she has done, and continues to do for me. So this Mother’s Day I want to say THANK YOU MOM. I LOVE YOU.”

Race Researcher for UpNorth Motorsports Expresses His Feelings About Mother

Gary Saucier’s mother Agnes Mary Saucier 1927 – 2010 pictured with her great-grandson Jacob. Photo courtesy Gary Saucier

Whenever I need questions answered about some obscure motorsports fact or another opinion about a race, racer, or just about any related idea I call on Gary Saucier. This time I called on him to say something to his mom for Mothers Day 2017.

In his tribute to his mother, Saucier said, ” My mother was my rock, my solace, my best friend, and the woman I still compare all others to (probably one of the reasons I never got married).”

“She more than anyone else in my life made me the man I am today. She loved her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren more than anyone could imagine. She taught me to be compassionate to others but not cower in the corner when someone wronged me. To fight for the things I believe are right, but not emotionally hurt anyone and to proudly show the world my accomplishments and interests.”

“When we went to Dover, Delaware in 1999 to visit family, I had the opportunity to go see the June Winston Cup race there in person. The look on her face when my cousin and I returned from the track was unforgettable, and she said the look on MY face was too.”

“When my favorite driver, Jeff Gordon won, she enjoyed it just as much as I did even though she wasn’t a fan, because she knew it made me happy. The same was true when I returned from the movie theater after seeing every “Star Wars” movie for the first time.”

“The night before her funeral, I asked a friend, ‘What am I going to do without her?’ I’d like to think I answered the question I posed that night by carrying on her legacy in the way I try to conduct my life: do right, show compassion, but give just a little of that Irish temperament when you need to!”

Track Announcer Mom Is a Cancer Survivor

Marcel Bosse’s Mom Aline. Photo courtesy Bosse family

Marcel Bosse grew up around the racetrack literally. He now lives next to Spud Speedway in Caribou. Track announcer, RC Club founder, kart racer, pit crew member, father to a daughter racer, and fan of the sport could be  descriptors of Marcel Bosse.

He works for Maine Military Authority (MMA) at Loring by day, however, many after hours are spent on motorsports activities. Whether it is getting his racing kart ready to race against his grandson, Damian who is current Senior Cage Kart champion at Spud Speedway, or this season race against his daughter, Janet Bosse, in the same class. He had good words about his mother that he wanted to share.

“My mother is a cancer survivor that has shown me that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to,” said Bosse.  “She is a frugal person that has always made do with what she had. She sews, knits and is a world class traditional cook.”

“My mother has also taught me of our French Acadian heritage and the importance of knowing where you come from. At 82 years old and a resident of Caribou she instilled the importance of family values.”

This Guy Knows Almost Everyone In Racing, Yet His Mother Is More Important

Judy Chamberlain of Crouseville still going strong according to her son Joe Chamberlain. Photo courtesy Joe and Lorraine Chamberlain

” Mother’s Day is a special moment in time to recognize and honor the one person who has always been there to support, care for and protect her children. She is the peace keeper of the family who truly enjoys the presence of her children around her and with her.”

“She is the one who makes family events come to life. She taught us well how to be kind and respectful to others. So, on this day we say ‘Thank you’ Mom for all that you have done and all that you continue to do that shows us how to be a strong family. Love you very much,  Joe & Lorraine Chamberlain.”

Hall of Fame Member Has a “Hall of Fame” Mother

Maine Motorsports Hall of Fame member, Bob Alexander will always have a special spot in his heart reserved for his mother the late Betty Lou Alexander. Growing up in the County was not always easy, however, his mother taught him many valuable life lessons.

“I would like to wish a Happy Mother’s Day to my mother, Betty Lou Alexander,” said the former County resident. “She was Mom to seven of us, five boys and two girls. I was the oldest of her ‘tribe’.”


“We grew up on the Alexander family farm on the Boundary Line Road in Blaine. I am the fourth generation of Alexander to have lived there.”
“Mom passed away a few years ago but was living in Mars Hill at the time. She was an avid sports woman whose favorite times were with a fishing pole or rifle in her hand.”
” Mom and Dad spent many summers in the North Maine Woods while Dad worked as a watchman in the fire tower on Norway Bluff.”
“Mom was also an accomplished artist with many of her paintings adorning the walls of her children and grandchildren. One large mural showing rural Aroostook can be found in the lobby of Central Aroostook High School.”
“Mom was one of my biggest fans when I was racing but she only ever attended one race as it made her too nervous to watch.”
Barbara E. Johnson Sutherland 1931- 2005

My mothers headstone in the New Sweden Cemetery. HTF Motorsports photo

After reading the other racers honoring their mothers, it became evident to me that mothers have been and continue to be important to racers. My mother exhibited many of the characteristics spoken about by those paying tribute to their moms.
It seems that if there were things in my life that needed discussing it was my mother in whom I confided. Later in life I developed a great relationship with both parents. As a young man I found it easier to go to mom.
She was my biggest fan. As part of my research for this episode I read her scrapbook made for me with photos and comments from my earliest childhood until she presented that book to me in her later years. Many captions stated her enthusiastic support for whatever venture I was involved with from baseball to racing and everything in between.
I don’t think I was an easy child to raise. As the oldest of six children, I sometimes raised the ire of my mother when I got a younger sibling crying or angry with my teasing or impatience.
I think back to some of the exploits as a kid and wonder how in the world I got away with some of the crazy things I did. Many of those crazy things dealt with cars, tractors, pickup trucks, or bicycles.
I remember one particular time a group of us left our yard on our bikes pedaling as fast as we could to get to “the Corner” where we played baseball. My chain slipped and my right toe caught on the ground at a 90 degree angle stopping me almost instantly.
As I was flying over the handlebars, the end portion of the handlebar caught me in the eyes just before I smashed my face on the pavement. I was only about 100 yards from home so I drug myself home and into the kitchen where she gasped at the mess I had made of my face.
I told her I couldn’t see out my right eye and thought I was blind on that side. She did not panic nor scream. She sat me down and applied a cold washcloth to my swollen eye and dug out the road rash from my face.
This calmed me down and when the initial shock wore off I felt much better. She advised me to not play baseball that day since my eye needed to rest. I remember the white of the eye became totally red. It looked gross. I could not see it so it didn’t bother me, unless I looked into a mirror.
I have many examples of these types of stories that I would like to share, however, let me say that my mom was the glue that kept the Hale household together. She often worked outside the home to supplement the meager income from our 100 acre farm. She was great at making do with what we had and teaching us to do the same.
She brought us to church and Sunday School as well as to the Vacation Bible School held at Dana Cushman’s house up the road. She placed a lot of trust in God’s word where it said,”Train up a child…”
When divorce in the early seventies tore the family apart, it was extremely tough. It took years for fences to be mended, yet they were. The last several years of my mom’s life were spent healing relationships and forgiving. As tough as they were, I learned many life lessons and will cherish those memories.
Happy Mother’s Day Mom, I Love You,and want to thank you.
Family Time at Christian Concert and Iron Sharpens Iron
I was privileged to be able to attend the Michael W. Smith and Jordan Feliz Concert Friday evening with 12 of my fellow-men from church and my daughter and son at the brand new Eastpoint Church in South Portland.

Selfie with me, Christian rock artist Jordan Feliz, my daughter Erika and son Michael.

As a Disc Jockey at Family Radio WFST, I get to meet some of the artists whose music I play each Wednesday evening. Such was the case with Feliz and Smith. We recorded some liners for my show prior to the concert.

Our mens crew gathered before the Iron Sharpens Iron Conference in Portland. Rob Philbrook photo

Saturday we, along with 500 other men, gathered at First Baptist Church in Portland for the Iron Sharpens Iron Men’s Conference. I had a great time learning about how to be a better Dad, communicator, and citizen. I also enjoyed singing as load as I could. With 500 plus voices I did not need to worry about my out-of-tune voice being singled out.
Joe Leonard Dead at Age 84

Joe Leonard in the STP turbine car in 1968. Indianapolis Motor Speedway photo

I remember thinking the day-glo orange STP cars were “kinda cool” when they raced at Indy in 1967 & 68. Except for a couple minor parts failures the history books would have included wins by turbine engines at the iconic track.

I always remembered the 1967 edition of the turbine car driven by Parnelli Jones. I  seemed to forget who the driver was in 1968 until that driver, Joe Leonard, won back-to-back IndyCar titles in 1971-72. I had forgotten that in 1968 he set the track record in the turbine car and sat on the pole with a speed of 171 plus miles per hour.

The wedge shape inspired many of my drawings as I daydreamed in class when I probably should have been paying attention.

I was pleased to see that the sister car to Leonard’s the #70 turbine car driven at Indy by Graham Hill had been restored and turned laps under power last year at Auto Club Speedway in California.

The turbine car under power. Drew Phillips Photography photo

Let’s go racing,

Tom Hale

Soli Deo Gloria


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