Maine Snowmobile Racer Inducted into Hall of Fame

Episode 208

April 15. 2018

Tom Peters, center with Maine Motorsports Hall of Fame presenters Lorraine and Joe Chamberlain of Woodland at induction ceremony at the Augusta Civic Center. HTF Motorsports photo

He’s In!

Aroostook County snowmobile racer Tom Peters became the first snowmobile racer inducted into the Maine Motorsports Hall of Fame at the induction ceremony in Augusta Saturday evening. Peters was recognized by his peers for his outstanding career which spanned a decade from the mid 1960’s through his last race in 1976.

In his address to the audience, Peters stressed that such an award did not take place in a vacuum. In order for him to achieve what he did, he relied on several behind-the-scenes friends, crew-members, sponsors, and most of all his wife Diane.

“You will not find the names of the people who helped you succeed in the headlines,” said Peters. “They only list the driver, however, my success would not be possible without the help of others”.

Attending with Peters was his three daughters Jennifer, Lisa, and Carmen as well as son Tom II and their spouses and children. His daughter Jennifer Peters mentioned that, “It was a rare occasion which could bring the whole crew together, this was it!”

The twelve members of the Peters family at the 2018 Maine Motorsports Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony. Back row left to right, Jennifer Peters, Izabell Peters, Lisa Currie, Carmen and Sadie Robillard, Wendy Peters, Emma Robillard, Charlotte Vaillancourt, Xane Peters, and Tom Peters II. Front row Diane and Tom Peters. HTF Motorsports photo

Peters daughter, Jennifer now living in Portsmouth, New Hampshire,  said several months ago that, “I was extremely proud, especially because he is the first snowmobile racer to do so (inducted into the Maine Motorsports Hall of Fame). I know he is deeply honored to be recognized in this manner.”

“My dad was, and still is, a great competitor. He does nothing in small measure, always paying attention to the smallest details. I think that his attention to detail, his sense of fair play, and his love of racing are what made him such a successful snowmobile racer.”

“One of the accolades he is most proud of is not trophy he has in his possession…it is having his name on the Red Buckingham Memorial trophy in Woodstock for most sportsmanlike driver. Although I know being inducted into the Hall of Fame is going to be just as important.”

Don Chandler on left, a long-time friend and supporter of Tom Peters displays the Red Buckingham Memorial Trophy found recently in the Woodstock, New Brunswick area by Peters. Chandler is the owner of Chandler Polaris in Mapleton. He supplied Peters with sleds, parts, and technical expertise at different times during his racing career. HTF Motorsports photo

Tom Peters on left with fellow Class of 2018 Hall of Fame Inductees, Dave St. Clair, Doug Ripley, Steve Leavitt, Dave MacMaster, and Rick Zemla. HTF Motorsports photo

Congratulating Peters on his selection to the Hall of Fame is Chairman of the Selection Committee, Andy Santerre who will probably be in the Hall of Fame when he becomes eligible. Santerre, a well-known NASCAR driver and owner, shared with Peters his love for snowmobiling and mentioned he has spent many days on sleds in the County. HTF Motorsports photo

Austin Theriault honored at Maine Motorsports Hall of Fame gala

Fort Kent native Austin Theriault, now living in Mooresville, North Carolina, made an appearance at the Maine Motorsports Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony Saturday evening. Theriault was recognized by the organization for his accomplishment as the 2017 ARCA Racing champion.

In his remarks he mentioned that he was deeply appreciative of the kindness shown him by not only the Hall of Fame committee but the fans who keep in touch with him daily and inspire him onward in his racing career.

Austin Theriault left with his good friend and member of the Class of 2018 Dave MacMaster. Theriault experienced much success with MacMaster-Butler engines. Austin Theriault photo

A panoramic view of the Maine Motorsports Hall of Fame attendees Saturday evening at the Augusta Civic Center. Nearly 250 were in attendance. Austin Theriault photo

Ripchair has arrived in the County

After months of anticipation, Mike Chasse of Presque Isle has his new Howe & Howe Technologies Ripchair home in the County. The motorized track drive vehicle was picked up and trailered home by Chasse’s brother-in-law, Andrew Bouchard.

Chasse and his caregiver Heidi Howlett, ventured south to Howe & Howe headquarters in Waterboro Friday. The chair was fit to Mike’s specific control needs by Howe & Howe personnel. Chasse then took his Ripchair for a get-acquainted drive at Howe & Howe.

Presque Isle’s Mike Chasse is fitted to his new Ripchair by Howe & Howe fabricator. Chasse’s brother-in-law Andrew Bouchard looks on in the foreground. Heidi Howlett photo

Proud owner of his new Howe & Howe Technologies Ripchair, Mike Chasse appears to be thinking of some of the adventures that await him. Heidi Howlett photo

Mike Chasse takes his new Howe & Howe Ripchair for a test drive at the company’s Waterboro facility. Heidi Howlett photo

Mike Chasse and brother in-law Andrew Bouchard on right prepare to load Ripchair for the ride home to the County. The pair utilized Buddy Collins Installation Unlimited of Mapleton company trailer.Another example of community support shown for Mike. Heidi Howlett photo

With the arrival of his new Ripchair, Mike Chasse will be able to fulfill some of his dreams about getting out and about more independently. Chasse is an avid outdoors-man who will now be able to enjoy more of what the County offers.

He has already said he plans to pace some of his friends on bike treks. He said he may not be as fast as they are on the flats, however, he will “bust their butts” on the hills. I look forward to some action photos and stories of this inspiring young man in future episodes.

Limestone sled racer competes at Mars Hill

Northern Maine Karting Association Junior Cage Kart racer, Gage Theriault of Limestone finished his snowmobile racing season with a first and second place at BigRock’s “King of the Mountain” Hillclimb Saturday. He had a successful winter season running multiple races with several of Maine’s up-and-coming Youth Class racers.

Gage Theriault returns to the base of BigRock Mountain after his run at the King of the Mountain Hillclimb. BigRock Mountain photo

Gage Theriault with his first place trophy for the Improved Youth class. Theriault also finished second in the Modified Youth Class at BigRock King of the Mountain Hillclimb. Gage Theriault Racing photo


CBS “Amazing Race” competitor, Alexander Rossi wins the IndyCar Long Beach Grand Prix by 1.24 seconds over Penske’s Will Power. The win is Rossi’s first in 2018 and third overall. Photo by Abbott/Honda Racing

Rossi along with fellow Indy Car racer Connor Daly were part of the CBS “Amazing Race” this season. They finished fourth out of thirteen teams that competed for a million dollar prize.

Ross had this to say about his Long Beach victory, “Even though it’s not my true home race [Rossi hails from northern California], it really feels like one:  the crowds here and just the whole atmosphere is so welcoming and inviting that it’s no surprise that this race has been on the calendar for so long.”

“It’s a pleasure to be able to come here and race, first of all, and to be able to win here is pretty special. This one I’ll definitely remember for a very long time for a lot of different reasons, and I’m very glad that there were so many people here that were able to witness it.”

Let’s go racing!

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