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December 16, 2018

Tame the Track Snowmobile Racing Tour Announces 2019 season opener and race schedule

Flyer for the season opener at Gould Mountain Farms in Sherman, Maine. Tame the Track Snowmobile Tour 2019 schedule combines some races of the Rock Maple Racing XC Tour (RMCS) and Vicious Vintage Championship Series (VVCS).

2019 Race Schedule

Jan.12-Frostbite Frenzy:Gould Farms,Sherman, Maine-RMR XC

*Jan.19th–Snoflake Showdown: Shin Pond Village

Jan. 26th – Adrenaline Rush: Rangeley, Maine-RMR XC 

Feb. 2nd – Spin the Track: Anah Temple Bangor

*Feb. 9th- First or Last: Polar Blast: Eustis, Maine

Feb. 23rd – Chase the Checkers: Jefferson, Me

March 2nd – Squeeze the Throttle: Hermon, Me

March 9th – Racing & Racks: Springfield, Maine

March 16th – Fast & Furious: Jackman, Maine—RMR XC

*March 23rd –Mega Meltdown: Caribou, Maine

April 13th – VVCS Awards Banquet & Appreciation Night: Jeff’s Catering & Banquet Center – Brewer, Maine 5-10 pm

*Indicates  double points event

Race promoter Jere Humphrey explained how the two series work together saying, “We list on our schedule (RMR XC), as several of our racers try to support both organizations, and both organizations work together as one. Our group is actually labeled Tame the Track Snowmobile Racing Tour which actually offers the VVCS races within.”

Humphrey mentioned that on the flyer above that, “This is the new ad flyers. As you will notice the admission price has been reduced to $5.00 for adults, so more people can take full advantage of this awesome winter racing program!”

He also noted how the season opener for the Rock Maple Racing Series (RMRS) came to northern Maine, “Casey Savage and myself had approached Rock Maple Racing to bring their program this far north for the many Maine snowmobile enthusiasts. We work together with Tara Saxton and Glynn DeSilva: owners of RMRS to offer this unique snowmobile racing event in the County.”

“I just named it Frostbite Frenzy, because the past two years when we brought this cross-country race to the County, it has been frigid temps.”

“In 2017, the race was held in Patten and the last two years has been moved to the scenic 700 acre Gould Mountain Farms in Sherman, where you can see Mt Katahdin in the background.”

“Anyone that might own a snowmobile may compete in any of the 26 different racing divisions, with cash prizes and trophies available.”

“This year’s racecourse is once again very challenging, being approximately 5.9 miles in length consisting of open fields, wooded areas, plowed roads, tight corners and uphill stretches.”

“Concessions will be served and race fuel will be available on site. Great opportunity to test your skills, as you are actually racing the “clock”, not necessarily the competition”

Humphrey explained how Maine plays host to one half of the races on the RMRS schedule,”Maine is the only state that hosts three individual cross-country races with RMRS out of their six race schedule. Rangeley Snodeo will be the second race of the year, prior to the racers traveling to New York, New Hampshire, and Vermont. (RMRS) will finish the championship in Jackman, Maine (March 15 & 16, 2019).”

For more information check out:

Rock Maple Racing Series

Tame the Track Tour Snowmobile Races

Both organizations have Facebook pages.

Caribou Snowmobile Club announces drag race on January 27, 2019

Caribou Snowmobile Club announced that their 2019 drag race will be on January 27, 2019 at the Lodge on the Van Buren Road in Caribou. Club president Nick Morrill, from Stockholm, said that the gates will open at 7 am on race day with registration until 10:30. He hopes to get the races underway at 11:00 and be done before 5 pm.

Kyle Anderson at Caribou Snow Drags 2018 (Black Dot Photography-Jim Leighton)

He has been contacted by racers from the local area as well as Quebec, New Hampshire, and Vermont who want information about the event. The racers are often attracted by the multi-class event which features a class for every snowmobiler who might want to compete.

Darren Tilley will once again control the starting line in 2019. This time the equipment is owned by Caribou Snowmobile Club. (Black Dot Photography-Jim Leighton)

The club purchased the starting and timing lights from Bill and Lisa Sawyer. This will be the first session with the new system. Darren Tilley will once again be at the starting line controlling the all important starting line.

Morrill hopes to utilize the only snowmobile racer inducted into the Maine Motorsports Hall of Fame, Tom Peters, as the honorary starter and snowmobile racing ambassador.

Morrill, in addition to being the club president, serves as the co-director of the drag race  along with Denis Orthaus of New Sweden. He mentioned that the track was mowed this past summer by students from the Caribou Tech Center Agriculture program run by instructor Scott Moir.

Member of the Caribou Tech Center Agriculture Education/FFA mowed the race venue this fall. (Caribou Snowmobile Club photo)

He plans to contact the Tech Center once again to help get the students involved in preparing the venue for the January 27th event. The plan would be for Tom Huston’s Large Equipment and Maintenance Operations (LEMO) students to help move snow and help prepare the parking areas.

Morrill would also like to incorporate the DECA business students in marketing, admissions, and administration before and during the event.

There will be concessions set up throughout race day offering a variety of food items for purchase. Parking will be free.

Looking down the road to the future Morrill said, “I would like to see the winter race schedule grow to two or three events. With the success of the Big Woods Grass Drags in October 2018 in Ashland, I would like to see an event at their track in the winter”.

Big Woods Grass Drags in October was a joint effort of the Ashland Sno-Mobile Club and Portage Lakers Snowmobile Club with consulting help from Caribou Snowmobile Racing Directors. (Black Dot Photography-Jim Leighton)

Morrill mentioned that the Caribou Snowmobile Club is looking for more members with a goal of 200 for the winter. Currently there is 147 members. He would like to see the club as one of the top 3 or 4 in memberships in Maine in 2019.

Caribou Snowmobile Club trail grooming tractor. (Caribou Snowmobile Club photo)

The club meets the second Tuesday of every month at the Caribou recreation Department. Dues are $30 per year for an individual or family and $35 for a business.

A meeting typically starts at 6:30 pm with a potluck dinner followed by the business meeting at 7 pm. Morrill stated that any interested person is urged to attend.

For more information check out the Caribou Snowmobile Club or Caribou Snowmobile Racing Facebook pages.

I need help with this mystery

Last Tuesday evening December 11, my son Michael parked his 2006 Dodge Charger (114,000 miles) with a Hemi engine in his normal parking spot just off Park Avenue in Portland, Maine. He locked his car and carried his Chinese takeout to his apartment, a 5 minute walk at most.

Ten minutes after parking his car a buddy who lives near where Michael parks his car called him to say, “Hey Dude your car is on fire!”

By the time Michael got to his car, the Portland Fire Department and two ambulances were at his car putting out the fire and extinguishing the dumpster next to his car. The covers to the dumpster had melted. The photos that follow show his car.

What mystified me is that the battery is in the trunk thus negating the possibility of an explosion in the engine compartment due to battery gases. Michael said the car was running great with no unusual smells or warning lights. Did someone, somehow set fire to his car?

If you have your favorite hypothesis as to what may have burned his car, please email me at My son loved this car and was so proud he had paid it off. He called it the “Batmobile” Help if you can please.

Front view of my son’s 2006 Hemi Dodge Charger. (Erika Cole photo)

View of engine compartment driver’s side. (Erika Cole photo)

Front of engine compartment view of my son’s Dodge Charger. (Erika Cole photo)

Passenger side view of the Charger. (Erika Cole photo)

Looking forward to your ideas. Thank you for your help ahead of time.

Let’s go racing,

Tom Hale

Soli Deo Gloria (Matthew 5:16)



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