Snowmobile racing results released

Episode 250

February 3, 2019

“Spin the Track” Vintage & Kids Endurance Races, co-hosted by the Keystone Kops division of the Anah Shriners Bangor Unit.

Mike Morris,Turner, on left battling Justin Hartford, Wolfeboro, New Hampshire in the number 326 to hold on to the lead in the Single Cylinder Stock class at the Tame the Track race hosted by the Anah Shrine in Bangor. Morris won the stock class while Hartford won the modified version of the race with Morris in second.  (Jamie Hathcock photo)

Race Organizer/Director Jere Humphrey remarked, “The race teams from the ‘Valley’ represented Aroostook County well during the fierce competition on the track. Andy Gendreau of St David, Maine finished on the podium for the second time during the early season, placing third in the 340 Modified division.”

“Brandon Ouellette of Fort Kent made his debut in the Vicious Vintage Championship and achieved great results, finishing in first place in the revised IFS Outlaw division, on an Arctic Cat EXT sled owned by Derek Gould of Dexter, Maine. Ouellette was pleased with the performance of the snowmobile and purchased to compete in the remaining races.”

“The track became very rough at the end of the day, which I usually prefer,” said Fort Kent’s Joe Pelletier. ” We had some suspension malfunctions so it made it pretty difficult to finish well. I ended up finishing 4th in IFS outlaw and 4th in the 36 lap IFS 440 feature race. I was riding a 1997 Arctic Cat ZR 440.”

The Results…

Dysart’s Truck Stop KIDS 120cc STOCK —
1st Trenton Hanscom: Benton, Polaris
2nd Isaiah Turner: Unity, Polaris
3rd Kaleb Partridge: Charleston, Polaris

Witham’s Heating KIDS 120cc IMPROVED —
1st Riley Hartford: Wolfeboro, NH Polaris
2nd Nick Ciampa: Mount Vernon, Arctic Cat
3rd Ben Ciampa: Mount Vernon, Arctic Cat

Witham’s Paving & Machias Savings KIDS 120cc MODIFIED –
1st Riley Hartford: Wolfeboro, NH Polaris
2nd Emmett Walker: New Vineyard, Arctic Cat
3rd Evan Witham: Levant, Polaris

Nick Huff, Hampden gives advice to his son Jayden who won the Katahdin Motorsports & Pro Industrial Kids 200 stock class at the  Keystone Kops “ Spin the Track” Vintage & Kids Endurance Races In Bangor. Jayden’s father won the O’Reilly Auto Parts 440 Modified class on his Arctic Cat.(Huff photo) (Huff photo)

Katahdin Motorsports & Pro Industrial Plus KIDS 200 STOCK
1st Jayden Huff: Hampden, Arctic Cat
2nd Kaden Rose: Skowhegan, Arctic Cat
3rd Jayce Rose: Skowhegan, Yamaha

Casella Waste Systems WOMEN’S INVITATIONAL —
1st Haley Frohlich: Auburn, Polaris
2nd Alley Ripley: Center Ossipee, NH Yamaha
3rd  Emily Pederson: Corinth, Arctic Cat

1st Aiden Murray: Turner, Arctic Cat
2nd Austin Witham: Levant, Yamaha
3rd Hailey Hartford: Wolfeboro, NH, Yamaha

Houlton Powersports & RV TEENS INVITATIONAL —
1st Landon Collins: Wolfeboro, NH Yamaha
2nd Caleb Morris: Turner, Arctic Cat
3rd Henry Moneypenny: West Ossipee, NH,Yamaha

Blanchard’s Towing & Recovery SINGLE CYLINDER STOCK
1st Mike Morris: Turner, Arctic Cat
2nd Dawson Eldridge: Ossipee, NH, Yamaha
3rd Daytona Gould: Dexter, Arctic Cat

Harry’s Motorsports & Equipment SINGLE CYLINDER MODIFIED —
1st Justin Hartford: Wolfeboro, NH, Yamaha
2nd Mike Morris: Turner, Arctic Cat
3rd Andy Frohlich: Auburn, Arctic Cat

Renegade Race Fuels 340 STOCK —
1st Justin Hartford: Wolfeboro, NH, Yamaha
2nd Daytona Gould: Dexter, Arctic Cat
3rd Rob Doughty: Knox, Polaris

Savage Paint & Body 340 MODIFIED —
1st Justin Hartford: Wolfeboro, NH,Yamaha
2nd Darren Doughty: Knox, Polaris
3rd Andy Gendreau: St David, Polaris

Bangor Motorsports & J McLaughlin Construction 440 STOCK —
1st Shawn Berry: Center Ossipee, NH, Yamaha
2nd Justin Hartford: Wolfeboro, NH, Yamaha
3rd Damien Doughty: Knox, Polaris

O’Reilly Auto Parts 440 MODIFIED —
1st Nick Huff: Hampden, Arctic Cat
2nd Justin Hartford: Wolfeboro, NH, Yamaha
3rd Daytona Gould: Dexter, Arctic Cat

The start of the Stock 440 IFS race. Fort Kent’s Joe Pelletier on far right. In the feature event, Pelletier was forced off the racing surface by a fellow competitor, prior to the first corner and shuffled to the rear of the pack, he was able to recover to a fourth place finish against some very experienced competition.(Tame The Track photo)

1st Rate Bait and Cyr & Sons Repair IFS 440 STOCK —
1st Daytona Gould: Dexter, Arctic Cat
2nd Caleb Morris: Turner, Polaris
3rd Justin Hartford: Wolfeboro, NH, Yamaha

Mission Trailers & Unifirst IFS OUTLAW —
1st Brandon Ouellette: Fort Kent, Arctic Cat
2nd Ben Eldridge: Effingham, NH, Yamaha
3rd Caleb Morris: Turner, Polaris

Humphrey reminded racers and fans from northern Maine, “Tame the Track Snowmobile Tour will be gearing up to make a return visit to Caribou, Maine for the Brian’s Ride fundraiser on March 23rd @ the Northern Brewing Company. Go to the website — for full listing of the rules and guidelines for the fifteen racing divisions.”

Caribou Snowmobile Racing Drag Race results announced

Race Director Nick Morrill posted the results of the drag race held at The Lodge on the Van Buren Road in Caribou January 27, 2019.

Woodland’s Jesse Taggett OCD Racing Arctic Cat races his way to a wins in the Junior Class and Improved Stock 500 at the Caribou Snowmobile Racing’s Drag Race. (Black Dot Photography)

Junior Class
1st: Jesse Taggett #91
2nd: Connor Soucy #54

Stock 500
1st: Logan Greene #269
2nd: Jay Thompson #911A

Stock 600
1st: Connor Thibeau #85
2nd: Kyle Mcbreairty #708-2

Stock 700
1st: Ethan Rossignol #812
2nd: Lisa Kelley #55

Stock 800
1st: Ethan Rossignol #812
2nd: Lisa Kelley #55

Stock 1000
1st: Ethan Rossignol #812
2nd: Jake Whitten #825

Improved Stock 500
1st: Jesse Taggett #91
2nd: Logan Greene #269

Improved Stock 600
1st: Ethan Rossignol #911
2nd: Donny Scott #509

Improved Stock 700
1st: Ethan Rossignol #812
2nd: Kurt Corriveau #88

Improved Stock 800
1st: Travis Collins #17
2nd: Derek Rioux #730

Improved Stock 1000
1st: Travis Collins #17
2nd: Kevin Nightingale #67

Improved Stock Turbo
1st: Kyle Mcbreairty #708
2nd: Kyle Theriault #11

Stockholm’s Logan Green (left) squares off against Woodland’s Ethan Rossignol. Rossignol rode to victory in six classes and got quickest reaction time. The teenager, Green got a second in the Improved Stock 500 and a first in Stock 500.  (Black Dot Photography)

Pro Mod 800
1st: Ethan Rossignol #187
2nd: Derek Rioux #730

Pro Mod 1000
1st: Norm Handscome #69x
2nd: Travis Collins #17

1st: Kyle Mcbreairty #708
2nd: Norm Handscome #69x

Womans Open Trail Stock
1st: Lisa Kelley #55
2nd: Lyndsey Lyons #08x

Some of the Vintage Class sleds, left to right, 1970 335 Ski Doo Olympic driven by owner of all the sleds, Jim Leighton, 1970 340 Ski Doo “Blackdot” TNT driven by Keith Dumond, 292 “mock” Blizzard Ski Doo with a TNT engine driven by Kevin Pelletier. Admiring the sleds is Scott Kieffer on right with unknown fellow racer on left. (Black Dot Photography)

Vintage Single
1st: Dan Robinson #44
2nd: Scott Kieffer #776

Vintage Multi-Cylinder
1st: Rob Kieffer #007
2nd: Andrew Pelletier #106

Fastest Reaction Time
Ethan Rossignol .010

1st Annual Larry Doody Memorial Radar Run Announced

The City of Caribou Parks and Recreation Department and Caribou Snowmobile Club are co-hosting a 1000′ radar run on ice with a 1500′ shutdown on Caribou Lake on February 23, 2019 at 10 am. Food vendors, beer garden, warming shelters, fire pits. $5 gate entrance fee. 1 run for $10, 3 runs for $20.

Classes to include mini’s, powder puff, vintage single, twin, triple, stock 500, 600, 700, 800, 850, 900, 1000. Improved 500, 600, 700, 800, 850, 900, 1000, outlaws, stock four-stroke, improved four-stroke. Trophies awarded to mini’s, cash payout for all other classes. All proceeds from gate and pit entrance fee will go to new grooming equipment.

RYAN Motorsports gets GRIP

The Super Late Models at Kyle Busch Motorsports. Robb Messer photo

What do you do on the off-season if you are a stock car racing team? Get educated about the sport you love to help produce better results in 2019. That is exactly what crew chief Robb Messer did this past weekend, he drove to Mooresville, North Carolina to attend the Gary Crooks led GRIP 3-Day Seminar.

Messer attended workshops on radios and safety, basic chassis set-up, chassis dyno tuning, suspension geometry, bump stops, shocks, and much more. The participants visited Pro Motors Dyno, ZETA Performance pull down rig, and Port City Racecars.

The trip down to Charlotte included a visit to the immaculate Penske Racing shop. Messer remarked he wanted one like that. Robb Messer photo

Messer on his own visited Penske Racing Shop, Detroit Speed Inc, and Kyle Busch Motorsports. Messer described his experience, “The seminar was great and will definitely help our program this year. Gary Crooks and Jason Enders put together an awesome collection of speakers and topics. Looking forward to race season now!”

Ross Bentley Seminar “Fitness For Drivers” announced

Race car drivers looking to improve performance during this off-season may want to invest some time and money in getting themselves into shape. After I participated in an earlier seminar offered by Bentley, I realize the value provided in these webinars.

Topics for this webinar include:

  • Why fitness is important at all levels
  • How to prevent mental fatigue
  • How to prevent injury & speed recovery
  • Concussion prevention
  • Best practices for strength & endurance training
  • Improving balance & feel
  • Stressed breathing
  • Cardiovascular stress
  • Flexibility training
  • How to manage heart rate
  • Vision training
  • How to improve reaction time
  • How to improve mental agility

For who is the seminar intended:

  • You’re an inexperienced or experienced HPDE or track day driver
  • You’re a club, vintage/historic or pro racer
  • You’re a rally or rallycross driver
  • You want to improve your overall driving performance
  • You want to drive faster yet safer

For information click here

Marlatt Competition Engines and Dyno Sponsor Tractor Pull Class

Marlatt Competition Engines sponsored the 8500 Pro Farm class at the Southern Invitational at the Tennessee Miller Coliseum in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.The tractor has met the Marlatt dyno, Byron does his own engine work and Marlatt’s help him with tuning. The tractor is named “Bad For Business”. Left to right Levi Marlatt, Marlatt Competition Engines and Dyno, Chuck Sorrell, Melissa Holbrook, Bryon Amburgey, driver, Crystal Amburgey, and Paul Marlatt, Marlatt Competition Engines and Dyno. (Marlatt photo)

Let’s go racing!

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