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Episode 365

June 13, 2021

WAR finish 6th

Defending 2020 GSPSS Beech Ridge winner, Wyatt Alexander is one of the top teams at the Ridge this season. The team was one of the picks for a repeat win. Not this time.

Kyle Souza, Souza Media described the race saying, ” After 150 laps of tough racing around the flat Maine oval, local track regulars proved to be the dominant force. David Oliver passed local favorite Joe Pastore with less than 40 laps to go and drove away to his first career Granite State Pro Stock Series victory. Pastore crossed the line 1.428 seconds back in the runner-up spot, while Rusty Poland, another local favorite, was third. Garrett Hall was fourth and Bobby Webber Racing driver Bryan Kruczek fifth.

Driver Wyatt Alexander noted, ” Not our best night, not our worst night. We had a shock issue creep up on us after the heat race so we had to change some stuff around which never is ideal in the heat of the moment but that’s just part of it sometimes.”

“Felt the car was still 100% to start the race but just never really had the speed / handling to get up there and contend. Kept the top five in eye shot all night but that was about it. Track position was certainly a factor once again. Finished 6th and that’s probably right about where we deserved to be speed-wise. Again, not a great night but not a horrible night all things considered.”

Sting Ray Robb double 10th place finishes in Indy Lights at Detroit

Sting Ray described Saturday’s race one of the Indy Lights Doubleheader held in conjunction with INDYCAR weekend at the Belle Isle street circuit.

“Rough race day here at Detroit (no-pun intended even though this track is extremely rough & bumpy it’s still a fun street course).
Qualifying: Got caught out by a red flag having just put on new tires and didn’t get the laps we needed.
Race 1: Started 9th, fell back on the start but recovered and in a good fighting position. While battling for 6th, another driver put us in the wall. Frustrating to say the least.
PTL for safety through it all. And shout out to the Lear Corporation for their hospitality & fan interaction opportunity today. On to tomorrow!

Sting Ray Robb race team members including Juncos Racing. (SR2 photo)

After race 2 of the weekend doubleheader Robb reflected on the race, “The Detroit GP race through the streets of Belle Isle has come to a close. Race two I had a great run going from the 11th place start and was running in 6th position when a yellow flag came out with 3 laps left in the race. We proceeded 2 more laps under caution and then got the green flag with 1 lap to go.”
“Unfortunately, at that restart, I ended up too high off the race line in the marbles (which literally felt like driving on ice) where I had to fight to keep the car off the wall. In the meantime, several cars freight trained past me on the inside line.”
“Not the finish we were gunning for but happy with the progress made this weekend.
Big shout out to the Juncos crew for giving me a car that was able to battle through the field. Spent the rest of the afternoon at the Lear Corporation Chalet. I can’t thank them enough for their hospitality and support throughout this weekend! And as always, grateful for God’s hand of safety and the lessons learned every race. Although some of these lessons are tough, I know He is shaping & growing me to be all that I can be.
On to the Road America GP next weekend!”
SRX at Stafford Springs Motor Speedway debut a success

The Stafford Springs team of drivers pre-race as SRX makes its debut. (Jeff Gluck photo)

I hope you had opportunity to view the made-for-television debut of the Superstar Racing Experience (SRX) at Stafford Springs. Rarely do you get a chance to see short track racing on a major television network primetime.
My attaboys list includes:
1) Equal cars. My gripe with most racing is that the big dollar teams always win. I know that that is not a 100% true statement, however, I suspect you know what I mean. The IROC nature of the SRX cars on a short track was refreshing to me.
2) The Venue. I have only been to Stafford Springs once in 1972. I am hardly qualified to state what racing is like at the Connecticut track. This race provided a glimpse at the quality of facility enjoyed by weekly series drivers and fans. I think a visit to Stafford Springs is in order.
3) Local grassroots racer wins. Doug Coby has turned thousands of laps at the 1/2-mile track. He has won and lost probably in more ways than one could imagine. The 41-year-old six-time NASCAR Whelen Modified Champion was articulate and well-spoken in the post-race interview. He mentioned some of the others who will take on the regular SRX drivers in future races. Even his fall on his backside exiting the car was classy!
4) Enthusiastic crowd! Coby! Coby! Coby! the crowd chanted as the first SRX winner emerged from his car after the race. I heard the track announcer kept the packed house on the edge of their seats all evening. Shows the value of a great announcer. I heard the race was a sell-out and scalpers may have been present hawking tickets. When was the last time you have been to a short track race where that happened?

The podium finishers for race one of the six race SRX series left to right second place Greg Biffle, winner Doug Coby, Tony Stewart third and Miss SRX. Note the winner’s trophy built by Maine native Tom Patsis, Cold Hard Art. (SRX photo)

Room for improvement list:
1) Get a short track analyst to work with Alan Bestwick. Danica Patrick was not on par with the rest of the broadcast team. She is usually okay as an announcer just not this series. Maybe it is her lack of short track experience. Unfortunately, I do not have an immediate recommendation. Maybe Ricky Craven???
2) Is it possible to make the car/driver more recognizable. I knew Tony Stewart was in the orange car, however, the others were more difficult to identify. Maybe LED identification like IMSA or bigger name panels on cars.
3) How about three 15 lap heat races with consequences for poor finishes. Fifteen-minute races seemed long.
The SRX crew has got their work cut out for them with 5 races in five weeks with sixteen race cars to maintain. It is like a traveling circus for them. They signed up for it and I suspect will need a well-deserved rest when this is done.
Let’s go racing!
Tom Hale
Soli Deo Gloria (Matthew 5:16)



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